About 7-28 Solutions

Founded by a team of programmers that have specialized in working with varied companies that specialized in accounting to industrial fields like trucking companies. We have built custom Human Resources systems that work around already existing system to whole operations systems that manage scheduling and tracking of jobs. Our team works very closely with each client to ensure the project meets the needs that they need to make their project a success.

We handle dreams big or small, so let the us create reality for you.

Here at 7-28 Solutions we don't just specialize in making large projects appear out of your dreams, but we also work closely with each client on their everyday website to ensure that their message is reaching the public. Our content and SEO team specialize in working with Marketing departments to ensure we fully understand your companies path and what you want the customers to get from your website.

Our team of programmers specialize in PHP, ASP.net, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS, HTML, and many other frameworks. The team created here takes pride in working with each client and their ideas. It is important to them and us to ensure that we get what the client is looking for in their system or site.

7-28 Solutions Web Development team, works with everything from open source to closed systems to develop a program that fills the need your company desires. From ASP.net to PHP we will work within MS SQL to MySQL to ensure that your platform will grow with the needs your company demands.
Not every project is going to require the use of specialized frameworks or other long term system development, but you need a site that gets your company in front of the customers on their computers and phones. 7-28 Solutions has the solutions for you, and we will work with you to ensure that your site is what you desire. If you are looking for something as simple as a marketing landing page or WordPress site we can help to elevate your site to ensure that your reaching the population that you desire. We even ensure that you have your own content management system, so that you can make changes on a moments notice.
Do you find the task of setting up and managing your online PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaigns, SEO Management, or other online ads a full task all on its own. We are here to help. Our Ad team works to understand how you would like to rank among Google and other search engines, we also work to make sure your websites content is designed to be well received with the search engines. Let us help you get the desired results when customers are searching for companies or sites like yours.

7-28 Solutions Available Services

Backend System Development

MySQL or any database System you can imagine our developers know how and have worked with them to build the proper storage to ensure future growth.

Dynamic Web Systems

You have the Backend system in place, and now it is time to develop the visual front interface that your associates or customers will be using to operate the backend system.

Logo Design

Are you reworking your companies image and looking for something that will help to display those changes, our team will work you to help create that image.

Social Media Campaigns

Our social media consultants will work to build your presences among the major sites as well as some of the newer or small ones to ensure that you are getting your message out among your audience.

Website Creation / management

If you're looking for a whole new site or if you're looking for a team to manage your already existing site we have a team and you will be assigned a direct programmer that you will talk to directly about the modifications you would like to make.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We will work with your already existing site to ensure the best optimization that will aid in getting the desired traffic as well as have a better conversation rate.

Content Management Systems

Are you looking to create a website that will allow you to control the content yourself instead of having to talk to a programmer everytime you want to make a change. We work with several systems as well as will create your own customized on as well

Full Custom Services

7-28 Solutions has never been a company that will think inside the back to come up with a solution, but we will work with you to ensure that we create the most compatible and functional solution that you will be needing.

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